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Decorative concrete

Decorative concrete replaces several materials that can sometimes be very expensive. The possibilities are endless.

Structural concrete

There are many construction possibilities with structural concrete like stairs and floors, industrial buildings and more.


Epoxy is the perfect protective coating for floors, whether in industrial environments with heavy traffic…

Plaster and acrylic

To personalize your house, the acrylic is a simple, effective solution and which can adapt itself to all the styles of houses.

Acrylic with membrane

Acrylic plaster is an aesthetic and durable solution for concrete surfaces such as balconies and house foundation walls.

Floors and walls

A concrete floor 6 inches thick is equivalent to a 12 inch asphalt floor, which is very expensive. The force exerted…

Pools and terraces

Give to your outside court a concrete arrangement near to receive all these prospects! Become unifying!


When a concrete structure does not make any more and when it is necessary to reconstruct, we are people to consult.


Resist to calcium

Resist to temperature differences
Resist to abrasives

Increase the value of your property

Very accessible price
Unlimited choice of colors


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